6309 - NitrOS/9 on BX?


I would really like to be able to implement a coco3 or dragon64 with a 6309 because that should work fine just with the USB serial and it doesn’t even need a graphics console. I see some 6309 cores out there and they are pretty big but I think they should fit on the BX. This is my pet project for now sorta ^___^

Any thoughts?


That sounds awesome! The 6309 should fit on the BX with room to spare. How much RAM do these computers have? What about video capabilities? Color VGA is easy to generate with just a few IOs and a VGA connector.


The CoCo3’s have an MMU so NitrOS/9 lvl 2 can use up to 512K (possibly 2MB). Not too sure about graphics. Level 3 had some kind of GUI but I have never seen it.