8bitworkshop plug



Last week I stumbled upon the Designing Video Game Hardware in Verilog book. So far the reading has been great and the examples are nice and clear.

No only that but the author also has a nice website (with an open source web based ide) that allows to edit and directly see the resulting waveforms live on the ide. Go to http://8bitworkshop.com/ and click on “go to the 8bitworkshop ide”. Anyway it think this is a nice way to learn and do something practical with verilog. The examples themselves will no be very clear if you do not first read the book but the combination (reading and experimenting) is great.

The Macrofab podcas MEP EP #160 also talked shortly about it (and a lot of talk about different FPGA related items).

Here is what the icestorm_template example looks like after some small modifications.

Overall I think some great things might happen here. WIth the open source tools (and possibly usb mass storage in the bootloader) it might get possible to program on the web and flash the firmware on the TinyFPGA like is done for the Micro:bit.