A2 Programming Issue Using Tiny Programmer


I followed the guide at https://tinyfpga.com/a-series-guide.html to program an A2 board using TinyFPGA Programmer Application. The programmer app’s GUI showed the programming was successful: it showed it was connected to the A2, and it went through erasing and writing. But the programmed board showed no activities at all as far as driving the LED’s goes. I am using the Tiny FPGA programmer and running on a Win10 machine.
Any ideas what could go wrong?


I had a similar issue with the A1 board with the recent Diamond release, and found the project template settings/device-selection need reopened and saved prior to re-running the entire bit-stream creation process again. Try double-click’ing on process label, as I found it was needed in the Win10 VM I used.
For some reason this needs done. when the old project is generated in Diamond_3.11 itself, or the PIC upload tool will not work on Linux, Windows10, or the VM.

Incidentally, the template is not as complete as most would expect.

  1. See how this user defines the OSCH:
    Resolved - TinyFPGA A1 Beginner, verilog warnings and other basic questions

wire clk;
wire oscstdby;

) internal_oscillator_inst (

  1. From the TinyFpga Git ticket section:
    //With using the template project,
    //there are no specification on pin’s logic level in *.lpf file,
    //and this results in logic level of LVCMOS25, CMOS 2.5V.
    //Since vccio is connected to VDD(3.3V),
    //logic level should be LVCMOS33, CMOS 3.3V. How to specify:

  2. Set the pin to output if driving LEDs:
    module TinyFPGA_A1 (
    output pin5,

  3. delete old build files in project directory if VM time is glitched