Analog input and DAC output


Hello I’m fairly new to fpgas. I’m from Iceland and am a lifelong computer enthusiast and started playing with arduino just over a year ago so I hope you have patience for silly questions. Now that the introduction is out of the war.

I have for awhile now been interested with analog signals.There are quite a few items for example sensors that only have analog outputs. I am not primarily looking at audio although that certaily is a part my interest in working with analog.

I unexpectedly found a AD/DA sensor from one of my firt beginner kits. The chip is called PCF8591. I’m not very sure how many pins do which function.

My question is whether I can use it to receive analog data and then work with that digitally on the fpga? If it supports a DAC output that might be very inretresting also but I do know that it’s only 8bits so audio would be horrible but other stuff might be fine with it… If anyone has an answer for me or ideas on use I’d be a very happy camper.

Thank you all for maintaining this great repository of knowledge


It is an i2c device, and yes, it could be used with a TinyFPGA, either the BX or other ones.

You would need an i2c master implementation. The one I used for Nunchuks with the TinyFPGA BX Game Soc, could probably be modified to work with it - see


Thank you very much for the swift answer and the excellent link. Now I just come up with something to do with it. I have wanted to link analog to the digital logic of the fpga since our world is not black or white like digital but a great range of greys.