Another metadata issue


Guys I need someone to rescue me I got my self into forever loop.
I have built boards with UP5K’s and I have three boards one works sweet as expected and two works but will not send metadata back.
Same batch PCBS same batch ICE same batch AT25SF081 same same same same copy of the bitstream same copy of meta’s just same but I dont get any meta back from two boards and one board is OK.
I even swapped programmed flash chips. I hit the wall and have no idea what to do next.
Would any of you have any idea what the hack?

here are two pics of the scope capture one is the good board with violet trace in action and the other the board which loads the config loads the Tinybootloader connects to the PC when I send -l I get board connected but no meta.
Violet trace is SO form the Flash


Is the yellow trace the clock to the SPI chip e.g. does it look like the FPGA is trying to get the data from the SPI chip as opposed to booting from an other mode?