"apio install ..." no longer working after updating to Python 3.6



I’ve loved using the TinyFPGA and had success previously using the tools outlined in the TinyFPGA BX tutorial with Python 2.7.

I recently installed Python 3.6 and uninstalled Python 2.7, but when I try to run any command with apio, e.g.
apio --version
I get:
bash: /c/Python27/Scripts/apio: No such file or directory

Python 3.6 has been added to my path and I’ve removed Python 2.7. Any tips?

Using Windows 10 and bash.



apio is looking for Python27, you need reinstall apio. Try:

pip install apio --upgrade

to upgrade. Last version must be apio 0.6.0


Welp, that fixed it. Thank you so much juanmard