APIO install on Linux Mint 19.1 MATE fail?


Hi all,
I am interested in getting started with the TinyFPGABX and thought I’d test out the tools. I was following the guide and entered:
pip install apio==0.4.0b5 tinyprog
which seemed to function fine, but when entering
apio install system scons icestorm iverilog
the system responds with
Command ‘apio’ not found, did you mean:
command ‘apoo’ from deb apoo
command ‘ario’ from deb ario
command ‘cpio’ from deb cpio
command ‘afio’ from deb afio

Try: sudo apt install <deb name>

I don’t know where to go from here.



I think pip installs into .local/bin, so you need to have that on your PATH.


Yes, that fixed it. Thanks!