APIO : Simulation


Hi there !

I am new to fpga and it’s development tools. :anguished:
My TinyFpga-BX is doing fine and i can run/modify the blink_project w/o problem.
Where could i find a working example to use/launch a simulation from Atom ?



There is a version of blinky with a testbench here:

It creates some very big files and takes a long time to start as there is a full second of simulation in order to see the LEDs changing. There may better ways of doing it.

Atom will ask you to install gtkwave. I had to initialise the counter in top.v in order for the simulation to work.

If you expand tb, select t and then LED and append it to the display, you can see how the LED changes. Select Zoom fit to see all the LED changes in green.


Hello Lawrie,

Thanks for your help and sorry for the late feedback :frowning:

I will try to load your example and having the simulation working.
Really appreciate your help !



Here is the output I get: