Arduino programmer (B series)


The github repo is now hosting code to program the flash memory of the TinyFPGA board via an Arduino!

It is especially useful:

  • To flash the TinyFPGA bootloader
  • To be able to use all the space of the flash memory

All the details on the programmer_arduino directory!

Tell me what you think :slight_smile:

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BX bootloader bricked

This is excellent @Rogdham! I’ve been wanting to provide an emergency method for restoring the bootloader or for people to load their own bootloader and this fits the bill.

I’ll need to write up some instructions on how to create the bootloader image along with an official bootloader image release.


Does this pinout still work with the production tinyFPGA Bx? Or do you need to solder to the SS, IO0, IO1, and SCK pads on the bottom?


Same question here. I can not fiure out how is this programmer supposed to work?
Is it supposed to programm the extranal flash? If so it is not connected to the flash in any way.
My guess is the pads on the bottom too but I am scared to damage anything.


After fair bit of experimenting I can answer your question in two ways. You can connect on the bottom pads or what I have done I soldered wires straight on to the Flash way cleaner when you done and desoldered.