ATOM icestorm installation issue [SOLVED]


Hi guys!

I just bought TinyFPGA Bx and wanted to setup Atom (Windows 10) just like described in the tutorial.
I followed the steps, installed Apio through Atom package installer and then run “install_apio.bat” from TinyFPGA-BX-master.

The problem is that after clicking “build” in Atom->Apio I’m getting this error

“Error: icestorm toolchain is not installed
Please run:
apio install icestorm”

I tried running “apio install icestorm” in my cmd and got this:
“Error: Invalid semantic version (~1.11.0-beta)”

Any ideas how to solve this?

I installed “IceStudio” - apio installed in virtualenv worked so I checked what version of apio was that, turned out to be v0.4.1 (running apio --version in cmd returned v0.4.0b3). So I uninstalled v0.4.0b3 and installed v0.4.1 globally - now Atom runs like a charm :slight_smile: