Audio DSP on TinyFPGA


Dear all,

I always have been playing with Xilinx FPGAs in my past (Spartan 6, Zynq, Artix7) and the TinyFPGA-BX was my first mini-sized FPGA board now.

Even if I have sometimes trouble that my desired designs don’t fit into the FPGA (because I expected a little bit too much at the beginning), I really like it a lot and makes it perfect for small projects needing a little bit of logic.

As I’m doing a lot in the area of audio-processing, I made a small project running IIR filters on the TinyFPGA-BX with audio I/O via I2S interface.
You can download the source-code on my GitHub if you’re interested and/or watch my YouTube video:

I already have two other projects in the pipeline with the TinyFPGA board, which are already running. However I still have to tidy-up the code and create some documentation.

One project is similar with this one, but with FIR filters instead of IIR filters.
And the other one is a 4th order sigma-delta DAC (noise-shaper) with 384 kHz PWM output to build up a high-res Class-D amplifier.

I will keep you updated as soon as I’m finished with everything.
Thanks for that great project and that easy-to-use bootloader/USB interface.



how about nmigen? I feel nmigen is really catching up fast in the FPGA coding realm.