B2 Programmer Suggestion: mention .bin files


Hey Luke, just a suggestion, could you mention somewhere that the B2 programmer can use .bin bitstream files as well as .hex files?

When I first got my B2 I built the blinky project, but I used yosys and friends; this created a TinyFPGA_B.bin file. Of course, the B series user guide only mentions hex files!

I tore my hair out for half an hour before I guessed (hoped) that the programmer would cope with the TinyFPGA_B.bin file. Which, of course, it did.

So, perhaps mention this in the user guide somewhere!

Thanks again for all your work, Warren


Ohh man, so sorry about that! I’ll have to go back and update the documentation. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!


Also, once APIO support is out of beta I’ll be updating the icestorm documentation to use APIO. It is super slick: Apio support for TinyFPGA-B2


Just updated the user guide: http://tinyfpga.com/b-series-guide.html