Blinky worked once but not again - TinyFGPA BX


I followed the install guide and first project tutorial (blink_project). It installed and worked! But …

  1. After hitting the upload button, there was no action for about 3 minutes, then it uploaded quickly.

  2. I played around with hitting reset and running tinyprog -b. Similarly, the CLI sits there for a few minutes and then it works.

  3. I went back to Atom to try and reupload. I hit reset, and hit upload. Now, Atom says:

Activate bootloader by pressing the reset button
Error: board TinyFPGA-BX not connected"

  1. I use the apio CLI to look at my devices and it seems OK:

apio system --lsserial
Number of Serial devices found: 1

Description: Teensy USB Serial (COM21)
Hardware info: USB VID:PID=1209:2100 SER=5 LOCATION=1-5

Please help.