Bx Board without USB


Hi All,

If I want make a custom board based on the BX without USB/Bootloader. I want to flash the SPI memory with a standard SPi flasher and have the FPGA to load the bitstream at power up.

I am generating the bitsream with atom/apio. Should I change something to the standard flow in order to generate a bootable bitstream at power up. (without going through the USB bootloader).
I think what I am looking for is how to enable cold boot instead of warm boot and and write my bitstream in the Configuration Image 0 of the SPI flash.




Check out this thread. Lots of details and pointers. (also search forum for “bootloader”)


I believe you can just write the bistream created by apio at address 0 in the flash memory, and it will be boot on power up. Otherwise to create a multi-boot configuration, you need to use the icemulti tool, as described in that thread.