Calibrating an ADC for use with TinyFPGA AX2


I have purchased a TinyFPGA AX2, along with an ADS131M02 2-Channel ADC from TI, and a crystal ocilator for a clock since TinyFPGA doesn’t have an onboard clock that I could tell. I can wire up the ADC and start taking samples from my thermistor, but I need to calibrate it so I can put temperature values to the digital values from the ADC. With an arduino I would do this by sampling several temperatures and create a best fit algorithm for the temperature scale since the thermistors I have are sourced from various old appliances and don’t have readily available datasheets typically. So I need a way of displaying the digital values from the ADC. One thought I had was to connect the ADC to an arduino and use the built in serial monitor, but I was wondering if there was something in the FPGA tool chain that could facilitate this type of work.