Can BRAM be used as ROM for 6502?


I read that the BX has 128 Kib of block RAM. So, 16 KiB.

I designed a 6502 computer last year and I was thinking of changing it to utilize the BX for video and memory decoding. Video would be driven from external RAM.

However, I was also thinking that the 16 KiB could be used as ROM for the 6502. I’m really new to FPGA design. Is this even possible? Could I upload some binary 6502 code file into the FPGA and have it reside in the BRAM?



My Atari 2600 project runs a 6502 CPU and has roms in BRAM, and includes a very simple python program to create hex files for the roms.


I’m also using one of my TinyFPGA BX as ROM/RAM for a COSMAC 1802 CPU chip. Tinyprog uploads the firmware binary file to flash and that content of flash is loaded to BRAM at startup.