Clock decleration on AX2


Hi, recently I had an AX2 board and very new to Lattice boards. I looked through the example design but can’ t figure out the clock decleration? Additionaly, so far I have experience on vhdl designs on xilinx environment. I looked through the “clock PLL design guide” of Lattice but still need some support.

Can anyone provide an example like “blink led” in vhdl with some more details of clock and pin declerations including possible max. clock freq.?

Best wishes



Have you looked at the MachXO2 Clock Configuration Manual?

On pages 29-30 there is information about configuring the internal oscillator, with sample code in VHDL and Verilog. From Table 14, it looks like you should be able to initialize the internal oscillator to a frequency between ~2 to 133 MHz.

Hope this helps!


Dear jrx07, thank you for your interest.

As I said I read that document but unfortunately not succeded to instantiate. This is a very basic issue and a blinking led example in vhdl with clock decleration would be very helpful since I’ m not familiar with lattice/diamond environment.