Custom programmer SPI flasher GUI in case you screw up


Hi guys,

My little story short, when I received the board I was never able to get the programmer to sucessfully program my BX bord. Neither the GUI nor the command line tool, litterally spend two days trying to make it work. I then stumbled across a wiki section on the github of TinyFPGA talking about programming the fpga with an arduino board. never worked either. I then decided to build my own little tools for programming the SPI Flash on the board. At the end, I was able to sucessfully flash and use my board, but after the first flash obviously I lost the bootloader (which never worked anyway).

So for anybody in my situation who needs a recovery method to be able to flash the board, I put the link to the github of my flasher. It’s nothing fancy, but hey, if it can help someone that’s that.

The sketch for an arduino is provided and the GUI is based on Qt so you have to download it.

Just solder to the SPI pads under the board to an arduino, with a voltage divider and it’s good. The reset button of the board must be pressed during the whole time. I soldered a wire to the pad under the board and plug it in a ground pin of the arduino. It’s still a work in progress as I plan to implement a functionality for flashing any code at any desired address, so FPGA logic does’t have to be consumed to implement a state machine writing data at particular addresses, in case the fpga uses the rest of the abundant memory of the flash.


Thank you for sharing. I may explore this method soon as my own BX seems to be missing metadata and no longer programmable.


You’re welcome, if it can be of any help for at least one person!