Customs Charges: UK


Ouch! I have a note through my door saying my package, I presume it is a TinyFPGA BX, will only be released if I pay an additional £13.50 customs charge.

At $44 for the original and £13.50 extra it really doesn’t make sense compared to say…
LCMXO3LF-9400C-ASC-B-EVN available from Mouser UK etc.

I’ll forget about the charges in due course but it is worth noting that the current shipping mechanism doesn’t seem to be working for us in the UK.


I paid £14.57, which was £6.57 VAT, plus £8 Royal Mail handling fee.


Nasty. Double ouch!!


Yeah I got stiffed for £31.87 for 2 devices!

Some good stuff appears on crowdsupply but I’m increasingly switching off the idea of backing there because the extra costs we inevitably have to pay the way they ship stuff.