Diamond Verilog Simulation on Linux



I’ve installed Lattice Diamond on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04). The main parts of the toolchain seem to work fine and I can generate programming files from Verilog source. I followed the installation guide found here:


I’m trying to use the built-in simulation facility which I understand uses Aldec Active-HDL (Lattice Edition). However, I get the following error when trying to start a simulation:

“Neither Active-HDL Lattice Edition nor ModelSim is available. Please configure it via Diamond Tools->Options->Environment->Directories”

I can’t find much good information about this online although it would appear the simulator might not be supported on Linux and isn’t packaged with the Linux release of Diamond.

Does anyone Verilog simulation working on a Linux host or know how to resolve this?



Hi Gareth, I don’t have experience using Active-HDL on Linux, but instead I use the open source Icarus Verilog and GTKWave tools. Here’s a guide I found online that might be helpful for you: http://inf-server.inf.uth.gr/~konstadel/resources/Icarus_Verilog_GTKWave_guide.pdf


Thanks Luke, I have Icarus up and running now.

FWIW I also found a statement from Lattice (on the Diamond product sheet) that Active-HDL is only included in Windows releases of Diamond.