Getting started


The link in this paragraph, on the front page of this site ( is broken:

"To jumpstart development a simple iCEcube2 project template is provided with a top-level verilog file that represents the pins on the B-series boards. "

returns a 404

The master zip download works ok though.


The first few sentences of this blog post were very helpful for my first interaction with IceCube.



The iCEcube2 software looks convincingly like an IDE, but it isn’t, really. It doesn’t even seem to have a way of creating new source code files, and the order in which some things have to be done is not at all obvious. I think iCEcube2 is really designed for taking existing designs and implementing them on the Lattice iCE40 chips. While the software is a complete dog’s breakfast, it does have the key advantage of being free. You do need to create a node-locked licence for it using their licencing page.


Thanks for the bug report! I’ll be updating the documentation with the correct link in a few hours. When I added support for icestorm I renamed the original template directory and added a new template directory for icestorm. In the process I forgot to updat the link in the documentation.


@aarondc: I’ve updated the link to the icecube2 template on the front page and added a link to the open source IceStorm template as well.