High-Res Class-D Audio Amplifier with TinyFPGA


Dear all,

as I promised already in my last post, I had two other projects with the TinyFPGA.

This time I want to show you, how you can realize a full digital Class-D amplifier with the TinyFPGA-BX with the help of a multibit sigma-delta converter / noiseshaper.

The whole code can be found on my Github:

Here is the overall project documentation:

And at last, but not least I explained everything once again in detail on my YouTube channel - including also real audio tests at the end of the video:

By the way: You can also use this project, if you just want to realize an audio-dac. Just connect to the PWM output pins a RC-filter or so instead of the power-stages which were driving the loudspeaker.

BR & have fun by checking out my project.


This is amazing, thank you very much!