Ice40 and ultrasound imaging


Hi there!

I’m really interested in the full evolution of ice40’s series (and onwards). I’ve been working on a dev board for ultrasound signal acquisition (for signals in the MHz ranges) based on the HX8K, and I’m excited to move to the new fpgas covered by the open toolchain.

However, I definitely need a dev board for those, and do look forward to using the TinyFPGA EX boards for prototyping - not to mention possibly use the awesome tools developped around the TinyFPGA series!

Happy to chat if you are =)



Your link is not working. I read the article on Hackaday on your project. It was very interesting.


That’s corrected, thanks ! The link correctly leads to a ongoing effort of documentation of this HX4K-based board.


The Latin quotes are a bit enigmatic - I can’t see the relevance of all of them.


Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated : nice to have an external view.

I’ve updated a project readme - would there be all you would expect in terms of information, in a clear enough manner? Thanks again!