Icestudio Picosoc on TinyFPGA BX


I am trying to convert the Icestudio Picosoc for the TinyFPGA BX. Although Icestudio is not a pure verilog environment it has been great for getting started and learning basic concepts. Also, there are a series of great tutorials created by Obijuan on youtube.

So far I have been able to convert all the examples for use with the TinyFPGA BX. Usually the conversion means merely changing the pins and a clock divider constant to compensate for the 16MHz clock on the BX.

Here is the link to the code that is originally for the Alhambra II:
RISC-V-FPGA 1.3 Icestudio

Icestudio offers to convert the code for the BX. I am using the file “”. I change the appropriate pins and adjust the clock divider. The build and upload execute successfully. Later I compile the included test.c file and upload it using tinyprog -u test.bin. One of the problems could be that I am putting the code into the wrong place in memory. The original upload command for the Alhambra is iceprog -o 1M test.bin.

I suspect that I am so new that I cannot even ask the correct questions. If anyone has any tips or has experience with Picosoc and Icestudio on the BX it would be a great help.