Interesting Package Routing (postal, not silicon)


I ordered a TinyFPGA which shipped on Saturday 12 Jan (kudos for shipping it on a weekend), to be delivered to my home lab in South Korea. I got a kick out of the USPS tracking information today:

12 Jan, 11:52, Folsom CA (origin), Label printed
12 Jan, 17:49, El Dorado Hills, CA, Arrived
12 Jan, 18:04, West Sacramento, CA, Arrived
13 Jan, 13:12, Los Angeles, CA, Arrived
14 Jan, 08:42, Los Angeles, CA, Arrived (another facility?)
14 Jan, 10:52, Los Angeles, CA, Arrived (a third facility?)
14 Jan, 16:09, Torrance, CA, Arrived
14 Jan, 21:19, Compton, CA, Arrived
15 Jan, 17:56, Los Angeles, CA, Shipment received (Hooray!)
15 Jan, 18:23, Los Angeles, CA, Arrived Int’l Distr Center
15 Jan, 18:23, Los Angeles, CA, Processed (actually departed, it seems)

It sure took an odd route. :sunglasses:


Logistics! lol glad it made it!


I’ve seen some ‘interesting’ package tracking information too, though it’s usually in the other direction. On occasion it seems to involve time travel, when packages leave a location hours before they arrive, or wormholes, where they arrive at one location, and leave from a completely different city shortly thereafter. In one case, arrived in Alaska, left from Los Angeles within a couple of hours.

Personally, I take it as proof that Santa Claus exists, since they’re clearly using the same delivery techniques as he does - though given the state of some packages delivered, the wormholes aren’t as stable as his are.

Holding out for the service that delivers your order before you even realize you need the item…


And… it arrived yesterday, Tuesday. It lives up to its name, that’s for sure.