Is it possible to make a voice recorder with tinyfpga


I’m new to tiny FPGA ,so I wanted to know is it possible to record a Audio or play back the same.


Yes, you can if you use an spi microphone such as this one -

But you will fill up the 16KB of memory on the TinyFPGA very quickly.

You really need some external ram for this sort of application.

You might be able to stream audio to flash memory, but flash memory has delays while it does erase and writes.

You would at least need a FIFO in BRAM to cope with this.

You might also be able to stream straight to an SD card, but SD cards are not that easy to access, particularly if you use one with a file system.

If you get your data into flash or an SD card, playback is fairly straightforward.

Supporting compression, such as MP3 would be difficult and slow.