Is RISC-V toolchain possible in Win7?


So I’ve got my first blinky project blinking happily and I’m hoping to now put a soft-CPU (RISC-V) on my BX board. My only computer at this point is Win7 and all of the tutorials I’ve read use either staight-up linux or WSL in Win10. I looked into MSYS2 but started to get the feeling I was going down a long rabbit-hole. I’m happy to go down that hole if someone smarter than I can tell me that its likely to lead somewhere useful.

So is a win7 RISC-V toolchain feasible or should I just build a linux computer?


Why build a linux computer? You could A: run linux in virtualbox (I recommend Linux Mint or Ubuntu 19.04) B: install Linux onto a USB flash drive using Etcher C: dual boot windows 7 and linux… it doesn’t need much space and you can easily use the windows disk editor tool to shrink a partition and make 10-20GBs of space for linux (it could use as little as 2 GBs depending on the distro, but it’s highly recommended to leave some room for software you want to install)

I’m personally a beginner with these boards as well, so i have no idea about the toolkit on windows 7 route, and i haven’t used windows in 6 years.