Is the CS-TINYFPGA-01 identical to the TinyFPGA-BX?


I was browsing Mouser and I noticed an FPGA development board that looked identical to the TinyFPGA-BX board. Mouser referred to the board as a cs-tinyfpga-01. Are these boards the same? The reason I ask is because the cs-tinyfpga-01 is a lot cheaper than the BX.

Link to product on Mouser:

Thanks :slight_smile:


That seems odd to me, so I looked into it a little:

  1. It uses the same ICE40LP8K
  2. If you actually open the image on the listing you linked, it says Bx in the middle. So that seems like a bit of a tell.
  3. You linked a listing for GBP29, which is USD $38.60, which is the going rate for a TinyFPGA Bx

So I think this is just a Bx at list price in GBP?


Well I know where to get my next Bx from, then. I paid £40 ($53.48) for the current one I am using from Amazon.