Lattice Diamond Help?



I’m just curious if this is an appropriate place to ask for help with Lattice Diamond software. I’m having an issue with the license for Active HDL and it won’t run. I haven’t been able to get any help from them, so…
I totally understand if this isn’t the forum for that area of support, though.

And, by the way, thanks for making these awesome, inexpensive, fun boards! And for starting a forum for the community of (hopefully growing) users.



First off, welcome to the community @colin.zyskowski! :smile: Second, this is absolutely the right place to post your question. If we are able to resolve it here then it will help anyone in the future who has the same issue.

So I just opened up Active HDL Lattice Edition and noticed a license error about the “Design Flow Manager”, but I was still able to compile and successfully simulate a very simple module. Does that sound like the error message you got? Post some screenshots if you can.

Also, were you able to synthesize your design with Lattice Diamond or did you also have problems with that? Another customer who used his TinyFPGA boards found that his license was locked to the first active ethernet port on the computer, and would only work when his ethernet cable was plugged in. He was using wifi on his laptop, so that was a bit of a problem. (EDIT: I believe that was for iCEcube2, and not Lattice Diamond)


Hey Luke,

Cool. Thanks!


This is the error I keep getting. I have my license from Lattice, and I’ve gone through the Diagnose.exe and License Manager applications, and changed the path to the license, and copied the license to the path mentioned in the error, and tried everything I can think of. I looked at the license, and Active HDL is listed there with my host ID, but no luck no matter what I do. Any ideas?



Maybe you need to update the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to point to the correct location:

Some license troubleshooting help from Lattice:

Can you confirm that Lattice Diamond works and you are able to build the example from the A-series guide?


Yeah, Lattice Diamond works and the tutorial works perfectly. I’ll try the links you posted and let you know.



Success! There was a different license.dat file in diamond\license for some reason. I copied and pasted the correct .dat file and it finally opened. Thanks! I was tearing my hair out. In case it helps someone else with the same issue:



Excellent! Glad to help :smile: