Licence problems


I have just received my B2 board and am in the process of setting up the software. I was origionally going to load it on my windows 10 machine but I have Anaconda3 installed using python 3.5 and i believe the programmer will only work with python 2.7.
This is not a problem as I have a linux machine with python 2.7 installed but I have run into a problem with iCEcube2 recognising the licence file.I have placed the licence.txt file in a folder called icecube_licence and used the tool to point to its location.
The attached screen shot gives the details of the problem that I am having and i am wondering if the fact that the linux machine calls the link to hardware enp0s25 and not the usual eth0.
The linux machine is running linux mint 18.


Yes, that’s exactly it. I have to rename my laptop’s wired adapter to eth0. Alternatively I think you can rename -any- interface to eth0 and get it to look at the MAC.

If you get into the tools, it will say your hostid is 000000000000 … i wonder if they will issue a license for all 0’s mac address :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for your confirmation mlyle, now have to work out how to rename the link without breaking the rest of my machine :thinking:


What about creating a new interface eth0, and assign the MAC address of that interface?

# ip link add eth0 type bridge
# ip link set dev eth0 address XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

No need to set an IP address to the interface :wink:


Thanks Rogdham, I’ll give that a try and let you know how it works:grinning:


Yep, iCEcube2 does not recognize any ethernet port other than ‘eth0’. Lattice will issue a license for 00:00:00:00:00:00, but it won’t help. Here’s how I solved this, which I shared with my local FPGA group:


Thanks for all your help in trying to solve this issue, it didnt matter what I did to my linux machine i couldnt get it to change the ethernet port to eth0 and have the internet connection working at the same time, i dont know if it is a linux mint thing or just me being dumb so what i did in the end was move anaconda3 and python 3 off my windows machine and put it on the linux one, then loaded anaconda2 with python 2.7 onto the windows machine and requested a new licence file.
Happy to say that everything is working ok now and today managed to get the blink project up and running .
On another note I used Notepad++ (with verilog language) to modify the TinyFPGA_B.v in the verilog folder found in the template and used this file in the Design Files in iCEcube2. Is this the correct way of doing it.
Again, thanks for your help.