New project board for TinyFPGA B2 boards (wip)


I need to double check the pin-out to verify this is the case, but assuming I did screw up the PS/2 connection I have a proposal to make it right for people who purchased a kit:

  1. Everyone who purchased this project board will be shipped a converter dongle that plugs in between the project board and the keyboard.
  2. Everyone who purchased the project board will also be entitled to a generous discount on a new computer project board using the TinyFPGA BX.

Any thoughts on this?


Hmm, IIRC I also experienced a USB reset when I tried my keyboard (but I didn’t need it at the time so just disconnected it). I was blaming my keyboard, but power short from reversed pins makes some sense.

I already pledged funds for 2 BX boards where a discount might be nice, but I would be fine with an adapter to allow me to easily still use a keyboard with this board.



Ok. Just a heads up, I changed the pinout a bit on the BX to make it compatible with the Teensy 3.2 and add many more ground connections. The BX won’t be compatible with the old project board, but I will be creating a new computer project board for the BX with a tested fix for the PS/2 port as well as additional features to take advantage of the extra pins.

As for the new features, I’m thinking of separating the SPI devices to their own busses and potentially adding an extra SPI RAM to double capacity and speed. If you’re have pins left I could add more bits to the VGA DAC or some other purpose if people have a better use.

@Xark, since you already pledged for the BX I will send you a new computer project board at no cost to you when they are ready.


As a fix, you can solder the PS/2 Connector on the backside of the PCB.
Not nice, but allows to use the (old) projectboard as is.