No COM Port Shown in TinyFPGA Programmer [SOLVED]


Trying to get my new TinyFPGA BX working and I can’t get the TinyFPGA Programmer to work.

  • Ran

tinyfpgab -c COM6

TinyFPGA B-series Programmer CLI
Using device id 1209:2100

COM6 is verified using Device Manager

  • There is a pull down menu on TinyFPGA Programmer but it is blank

How to get the programmer to work?

WIndows 10 (up to date), 64-bit


I don’t think that TinyFPGA Programmer supports the BX.
tinyprog is the application that is used to program the BX.
When the BX is in bootloader mode no COM port appears.

Scroll down to the Tips section for tinyprog install instructions, also do the bootloader upgrade right away:


Thanks, that helped. I ran tinyprog -b and can now see COM6.
C:\Users\d.mcdonald>tinyprog -b

TinyProg CLI
Using device id 1d50:6130
Only one board with active bootloader, using it.
Booting COM6

but when I try and program my device I get an error

C:\Users\d.mcdonald\Documents\Magellan\blink_project_b\icecube2_template\template_Implmnt\sbt\outputs\bitmap>tinyprog -p TinyFPGA_B_bitmap.hex
Fatal error in launcher: Unable to create process using ‘"’


tinyprog -b kicks the BX out of bootloader mode and runs the installed user code.

In order to upload the user led must be “breathing”. Hit ‘reset’ to go into bootloader mode again.


Actually the problem turned out to be that I had managed to corrupt my Python 3.6 installation. I eventually was able to get it uninstalled (not easy!) and reinstalled and now it works! Successfully programmed my TinyFPGA BX!

bborncr, thanks for your help, you got me on the right path.