Package does not have a pin named 'A3' using nextpnr


I wanted to try nextpnr with the TinyFPGA BX. Using pins.pcf from the icestorm_template and freshly compiled Yosys, IceStorm and nextpnr, the pin A3 is not recognized:

ERROR: package does not have a pin named 'A3' (on line 91)
ERROR: Loading PCF failed.

Steps to reproduce:

  • yosys -p 'synth_ice40 -top blinky -json blinky.json' blinky.v
  • nextpnr-ice40 --lp8k --json blinky.json --pcf pins.pcf --pcf-allow-unconstrained

Does anyone familiar with nextpnr know what is happening here? If I comment set_io --warn-no-port USBPU A3 then nextpnr stops complaining.


I missed the --package cm81 option.