Pin Numbering Discrepancy?



I’m confused about the difference in pin numbering between the series A board and the Machx02 chip. In the tutorial code, the pin assignments conform to the numbering on the PCB, but these numbers aren’t the same as the Machx02 pin numbering. If I’m writing code that I intend to transfer to another FPGA (which will then go on another board), which pin numbering should I use? Or am I missing a more basic concept about pin assignments?



Sorry - never mind. The .lpf file controls the pin assignments… Derp.


I think I’ve heard someone else ask this same question before. Since your question reminded me of it, I updated both the A-Series Guide and B-Series Guide pages with a tip pointing out the pin constraint file.

If you are planning on porting your design to multiple FPGAs and FPGA boards, I recommend having a generic top-level module for your design. Then in the TinyFPGA template project’s top module you instantiate your design’s top level module. You could also instantiate FPGA-specific components like PLLs or clocks within the TinyFPGA template project so that your generic design doesn’t depend on MachXO2-specific components.