Project Icestorm on Windows


Just ordered my first tiny fpga but have used fpgas throughout my career. Mostly Altera ones but lately Lattice ICE40 has quite an appeal…

I wanted to give Icestorm a try but am hesitant to stand up a linux machine (I love Linux but just use windows for ease).

Curious if anyone had run various open source fpga tools on WSL (now just linux distros like Ubuntu installable from the windows App store). I don’t see why it would not work but thought I would ask.

Also wondering what simulation is like in Verilator and Icarus before I go to the old standby of simulating in the free version of modelsim that Altera/Intel gives out.


I use WSL all the time, it works very well. I also use Icarus to simulate and it’s pretty good.


I am using WSL, as well. I’m using VcXsrv for X11 display for gtkwave.


Thanks both to @lukevalenty and @1BadNerd. I also asked the question not going through the getting started guide for Bx. I was anticipating that I was in the minority wanting to use Windows but I think that I was very wrong. The tool chain with apio, icestorm, etc worked very well.

I still have not successfully run a simulation but that is probably user error.

Overall I’m just really impressed by the kit. It sort of re-invigorates my excitement about some of the FPGA projects that I’ve had on the back burner.