Resolved - How to Install GTKWave on Windows


I’ve install Icarus Verilog and up to the point of using GTKWave to view a getting started simulation vcd file.

I figured out how to install the GTKWave but did not no how to run it.

Downloaded “” and unzip. “

Put it in the x86Program directory “C:\Program Files (x86)\gtkwave-3.3.100-bin-win32”

Create a .vcd file or find a .vcd file

try to open the .vcd file. Windows will ask to select a program file. Select Always Associate, browse to “C:\Program Files (x86)\gtkwave-3.3.100-bin-win32\gtkwave\bin\gtkwave.exe” and open it

The .vcd file will now open in GTKWave along with an extraneous dos window

Note: the gtkwave.exe file needs to be in the “bin” directory with the DLLs if not there move it there