Resolved - Very Basic Question, is there a free verilog simulator


What free simulators exist for this purpose that you’ve found decent and not to difficult to use?

backdrp… I’m about to design using TinyFPGA for a robotic hobby project. And about to purchase the parts. But before clicking that button…

Being a experienced verilog hardware designer and verification engineer in the not too distant past I expect my learning curve to be pretty short. Initially I’ll implement the simplest design as in

After that is working I’ll try simulating it. Just to break the ice and get started a platform to launch from.

Besides simulating the single TinyFPGA verilog code there may be some external logic functionality or multiple TinyFPGAs. I’d want to simulate it all together in this case.


There’s Icarus Verilog. If you don’t mind use a higher level HDL, there’s MyHDL which is itself a discrete event simulator, and can co-simulate with Icarus Verilog. I believe you can do post-synthesis simulation with the appropriate output files from yosys using iverilog, but I have not tried that yet.


I download Icarus Verilog and also found this users guide…