Solved - Anyone have KiCad libraries for the various modules?


I’m looking for the KiCad libraries for the AX 1 & 2 TinyFPGA modules.

Not the actual design itself. The module with the 27 pins

Has anyone done them and willing to post on this site?

My project will just plug the AX module into a PCB socket.


I found this
but I haven’t tested it.


Yes, that was the only one I could find. Different then the AX 1 & AX 2

Basically you need to make a new library element for each new design for modules like TinyFPGA. Not to hard even for someone that doesn’t do PCB layout.


I have a TinyFPGA BX footprint in my library:

It’s patterned somewhat after the Tall Dog adapter, though I should probably use pogo pins for the three connections where the Tall Dog adapter uses them (I just put in through-holes).

(Yes, it’s the BX and not the AX, but if you ever want to integrate the TinyFPGA BX into something…)