Space invaders on BX


I tried out an Ice40 version of Space Invaders on the TinyFPGA BX. This uses a 36Mhz clock to drive the VGA monitor at 85hz.

The source:

I noticed from another fork of the repository that @juanmard got there first with a port to the Alhambra board.

I think this version of Space Invaders needs a bit of work on it. There is no sound yet and the shoot button doesn’t seem to work consistently, but that could just be my lack of skill or bad wiring.


¡Great! ¡Thank you!

It really is not just my job. It is the work of a fellow of the “FPGAwars” group.
It is a “fork” I wanted to work on, but I decided not to duplicate my efforts and move to the “pac-man” project and leave the “space-invaders” to him. :slight_smile:

The original project can be found here and the thread with the proposal here (sorry we speak in Spanish in the group, but Google Translate exists … :wink:)

Thank you for trying all the projects and leave evidence of it. :blush: