Hi there!
Has anyone implemented a SPI SLAVE for the TinyFPGA BX with VERILOG. I have found some sources on the INet but if something ready is available this would help.

Think if a can make it I would upload it to the GIT.

Regards, Harald.


I have used the fpga4fun.com version on ice40 icestorm devices. It is quite simple:



I try that one for the start.
Regards, Harald.


I also used this same tutorial over the holidays with good success


it is a good example but wit very limited possibilities. I would like to see a example or IP with a bit more usability. I have now build a tp for the fpga4fun spi slave example and yes it works nice.
Regards and thanx, Harald.


yes it is really just the absolute most minimal implementation, you would need to wrap some higher level protocol logic around it to capture more than 1 byte. This is the point at which the SPI slave becomes more application specific


Yes. You are absolutely right. Also there is no way to read out data. So really at the lowest level. Still lookon for a more featured IP. Tried OpenSources but was not able to register upto now. Still trying.
Regards, harald.