TinyFPGA A1/A2 Current Schematics Missing LEDs


I have noticed a slight discrepancy in the photos of the A1/A2 boards on various pages. Seems that some places two LEDs are shown on the top and some places they are not. I haven’t seen anywhere they are mentioned and the schematics don’t show them but the gerber files do. From what I can tell the left LED is on pin 1 of the PCB and the right LED is connected to 3.3V just on the FPGA side of the ferrite core. I listed the places where there appears to be a discrepancy (that I noticed).

No LEDs (Shown):

Does have LEDs:

  • Product pages
  • Github Gerber files


Thanks @LucAce! I’ll have to go back and scrub these photos when I get a chance! :sweat_smile: