TinyFPGA based on iCE40-UP5K-SG48


Hi Glanzi,

Thanks for sharing. Did you publish your work somewhere? I updated my board and ordered a new version yesterday(where I changed the footprint of the SPI chip).


I made the KiCad project files available under https://github.com/glanzi/TinyFPGA-UP on GitHub. The main schema is based on the official breakout board from Lattice iCE40 UltraPlus Breakout Board. I will report back, once i have some further information about my progress.


Tanks for sharing. I discovered that I messed up my SDI / SDO lines for the SPI flash(while comparing)!


gone very quiet…

is new board assembled? available even?




The PCB got lost somehow. I ordered a new set of pcb from oshpark (I really like the look and quality of te pcbs.

Meanwhile I continued doing some work on the USB stack and been using migen!


Hello Dear All.
Thank you for your idea. I need to develop Tiny FPGA and R820T2 RF tuner for software defined radio.Please give your advice and Can you share a schematic design with Kicad?
Thank you!


Have you looked at:



Thank you!am looking the document.if you have any plz share!my objective is FPGA based SDR.can you share your email or blog?


I don’t understand what you are asking for. I have not built or used an SDR board, but have looked into it a bit.

Here is a blog entry by @afiskon (in Russian) on building and use the iceradio board