TinyFPGA BX reference card?


If I recall correctly, my TinyFPGA BX came in a little plastic bag with a reference card inside.

The card had a photograph of the BX board with, if I remember correctly, all the pin numbers printed on the board and what pins they correspond to on the FPGA. It looked very handy.

Is a PDF or image of that card available online? I looked around on the website, in the git repository and in the guide and couldn’t find it. I would like to print another copy out. I know the same information is in the PCF file but that isn’t as nice to look at.


One of the first things I did when I received my BX was scan the Refcard, since I have a tendancy to lose things like that. I’ve exported the scanned images as a PDF and attached it for you… I hope that helps. Unfortunately the quality isn’t great due to file size limitations on this forum.

TinyFPGA-BX-Refcard.zip (2.1 MB)

I’m sure Luke probably has a better copy somewhere with vector graphics rather than scanned images, but when I looked initially, I couldn’t find it either.