TinyFPGA BX User Guide vs TinyFPGA B-Series User Guide [Solved]


Which of these two flows is recommended for the BX? I was unable to get the Atom/apio flow shown in the TinyFPGA BX User Guide to work at all whereas the ICEcube2 flow shown in TinyFPGA B-Series User Guide worked right away (except for actually programming the device). If the BX User Guide flow is recommended, then I will put in the effort to get it working properly.


I can answer my own question now. Seems the B-series was an older (discontinued?) product line. The current BX product is meant to be used with the Atom/APIO/Icestorm tool flow. I had problems getting APIO to work but it ended up being problems with my Phython installation. I get involved with many different projects that all seem to require (or use) different versions of Python and something got screwed up. I uninstalled the three different versions of Python on my machine and did a clean install of 3.6.5. Now it works great!