TinyFPGA BX Will Not Program Key Error "bootmeta" HELP


My TinyFPGA BX will no longer upload code to it. I am running into this error when uploading code. I am using ATOM to program the board and it had been working all day till this happened.

File “c:\users\lenovo-desktop\appdata\local\programs\python\python36\lib\site-packages\tinyprog_init_.py”, line 188, in _get_addr_range

addr_str = self.root[u"bootmeta"][u"addrmap"][name]

KeyError: ‘bootmeta’

scons: *** [upload] Error 1

========================= [ ERROR ] Took 1.32 seconds =========================



to me it looks like your TinyFPGA’s area where it keeps meta-data about the device has been wiped. There have been multiple variants of this issue. Can you try and modify the code to dump self.root ?

Does the tinyFPGA go into bootloader mode?(e.g. the blinking led mode?). It might be that you will need to flash the full device again.