TinyFPGA BX Windows 10 very slow programming


Love the board and excited to start this journey.

Programming seems to be taking a lot longer than I’d expected though. The screenshot of the blinky upload in https://tinyfpga.com/bx/guide.html step 4 “Program the board” shows 5.4 seconds. It took 780 seconds for me.

I initially had trouble connecting to the board to USB until I updated to bootloader 1.01 from 1.0. That took more than ten minutes as well.

USB cable? I’m using the one that came with my htc vive and it’s been fine for transferring megabytes of data to and from my phone to my pc.

Any thoughts?

many thanks


So I’m not sure if this question is

  • too easy and I should have read some instructions somewhere, or
  • well deserved because I’m on windows and not linux or
  • baffling minds immeasurably superior to mine
  • not actually a bug because the tinyfpga bx really does take 15 minutes to program a blinky sketch and nobody talks about it because they’re kind of embarrassed.

k… go! :slight_smile:


You need to work out where the problem is.

I would use tinyprog directly from the command line (tinyprog -p hardware.bin) to avoid possible problems with other software such as Atom or apio.

When you do that, what speed does it show in kB/s for erasing, writing and reading?

If the problem persists, I would:

  1. Try another USB cable
  2. Try a different USB port
  3. Reboot your Windows machine
  4. Look for other software that could be interfering with the USB port
  5. Try it on a different machine


Thank you very much for your advice. Very much appreciated. I’ll follow your recommendations.

I have been diving into your github and your posts. Thanks for everything you do for the community, especially for noobs like me.



Did you solve this problem? If so, how? Thanks!