TinyFPGA Discourse Created!


Hello tiny TinyFPGA community! This is a brand spanking new discourse server setup to give a place for TinyFPGA users to get help troubleshooting any problems they may encounter, share their projects, browse other projects, and stay up to date with TinyFPGA news.

This discourse community is so new, in fact, that there is so far very little content. :slight_smile: So I encourage everyone to post their projects here and share them with this new community. Over time we will build this into a place we can share a common passion and solve difficult problems.

Let’s make a great community! :smile:


Thanks Luke, I’m currently waiting for it to arrive. I will post update as soon I start making progress.

Would love to see what other are building too.

Best regards.


Thanks Luke.
I have tried your programmer and a Lattice and have never got it to upload.
Working with an Arduino and NodeMCU project right now, but want to get back to this
I’ll set things back up and try again in a few days and then tell you want is going on.
The code is compiling just fine, but no luck uploading.
Will let you know.
Glad to see this forum! Maybe I can get this going. I have been programming micro-controllers for years…
so not a newbie to this stuff, just a newbie to FPGA. Been wanting to get into FPGA, as it is a step beyond the limits of micro-controllers.


Hey Michael! Glad to see you join the community. If you still have problems when you get back to trying out your TinyFPGA board, head over to http://discourse.tinyfpga.com/c/troubleshooting-help and we will be able to help you out.


Ok is that something new? I went to a troubleshooting page before.
No help there. It is almost like I have a bad board. :frowning:
I’ll let you know in a couple of days…maybe sooner. :slight_smile:


@KE4EST, I just added a stickied post in the troubleshooting category and invited you to it. It has some simple troubleshooting steps for the a-series. If that doesn’t do the trick, start a new topic at http://discourse.tinyfpga.com/c/troubleshooting-help with details and any relevant photos or screenshots.

If we get everything setup correctly and it still doesn’t work then I’ll ship you a new board free of charge along with instructions to ship back your current board. All of the boards I ship are tested with an automatic pogo-pin tester. I would be very curious to analyze and understand any failures.


@sebasjm, Sounds great and welcome to the community!


Thanks a lot @lukevalenty!!


@lukevalenty Thanks for the invite, I haven’t had trouble with my (B2) board so far. I followed the instructions and got the binary demo to work :grinning: Can’t wait to participate in this community more and hopefully post a few projects.


Glad to hear you got your B2 board working without trouble @KD8TUO and welcome to the community! :smile: