TinyFPGA EX Preview


Its been a few months since I last saw an update on the status of the EX, I’ve seen the posts on Hackaday.io, Crowdsupply project page and here and updates on Github but nothing recently. David Shah seems to be charging full steam ahead and making great progress with Project Trellis, Yosys and Nextpnr so its the perfect time to release the EX and move opensource ECP5 along. Can’t wait to get started!!!


I’m eagerly awaiting any news too… In the meantime, checkout the ECP5 Eval board from Lattice. It’s huge, but well equipped and only $100. Works great with Project Trellis as well as Diamond. Might be an OK place to try everything out before the EX drops.


The ECP5 is fast and big. Amazing…


Hi friends,

I am still delighted with the BX, and I hoped to see an EX sample under the Xmas tree :sunglasses:. Is there any update? Need to tell my wife what to get me for my BD this year.