TinyFPGAs are resilient!


… or maybe that should be ‘forgiving’.
I was just trying to program my A1 (which was happily blinking 2 LEDs). The software said it couldn’t recognise the FPGA. It turned out that when the +ve wire from the battery pack fell out of my breadboard, I’d plugged it back into what should have been a 3.3V bus instead of my regulator’s input. Oops! Battery wire connected properly, the A1 programmed.
If FPGAs could wear T-shirts, mine would wear one saying “I survived 5.9V” :slight_smile:


Ha! Good to know! Pretty scary though. I know from first-hand experience that the TinyFPGA B2 boards do not like 5v. It ends up killing the SPI flash :grimacing: I found this out when I was testing the first production run on my pogo-pin test rig and a couple boards failed. It was a bad idea for me to place the 3.3v power pin right next to the 5v input pin. I’ll be moving those apart next production run :sweat_smile: