Tinyprog, BX, USB on Mojave


The User Guide instructions tell us apio drivers --serial-enable, which requires homebrew.

I installed homebrew, reluctantly since (a) I already have macports and (b) I don’t like the way homebrew tramples over /usr/local, but then I noticed that tinyprog uses USB anyway! so I uninstalled homebrew (delete /usr/local/*, restore from backup) and reinstalled the tools without any apio drivers, and am progressing happily.

Aside, that is, from the way that tinyprog takes 5-10 seconds before doing anything, every time.

I tried the LIBUSB_DEBUG=4 suggested earlier, and found that the delay happens at the libusb_get_device_list call:

[ 0.038955] [00000307] libusb: debug [libusb_get_device_list] 
[ 5.040500] [00000307] libusb: debug [libusb_get_device_descriptor] 

Running with Mojave 10.14.1, libusb v1.0.22.11312, apio 0.4.0, latest tinyprog.